Our name is very clever in my mind. 46fingers means the fourth book with the six fingers on it. In Gravity Falls, Dipper has the third book, Lil’ Gideon has the second book, and the owner of the first book is yet to be discovered. So my father and I are making the fourth book, the guide to uncovering every mystery that there is in GF. Plus, If you look at the cover of each book, it has the book number over a shiny, golden hand with six fingers.

Anyway, I, Maya, am 12 years old. My father and I are really interested in mysteries and silly shows. So unless you have discovered a few secrets already, Gravity Falls could just be the silliest show on Disney Channel right now.

Otherwise, this is probably the most clever cartoon I have ever come across. The detail, writing, casting, and thought put into this is truly astonishing. Please help us find different clues and secrets by emailing me at mayasongs@aol.com please!

Also, please explore our site, as my dad and I have put a lot of work into writing and making this site come to life. Everything in here is 100% true. This all happened in Gravity Falls!

See you later! Happy spying!



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